Expense Reduction

Did you know that even at the most efficiently run organizations 40% of expenses are not actively managed ? Find it hard to believe?

Selling, General and Administrative expenses tend to be ignored at most organizations because it is a diverse and complex group of expenses each with different set of user needs.

The good news is that for most companies that means there is a tremendous opportunity to reduce costs and increase the level of service from your suppliers.




Analyze & Measure


Implement & Improve


Monitor & Control


Working with experts in strategic telecom initiatives can increase savings 25%-30%.

Freight & Logistics

Achieve 8%-12% of savings in hidden charges within your freight and logistics spend.

Marketing & Advertising

12%-15% expense reduction can be strategically applied towards marketing and advertising costs.

Approximate Dollars Saved


PGV has a history of delivering 8%-10% savings in the Insurance category. Uncover hidden savings.

Office Supplies & Equipment

10%-12% of spend can be saved and not wasted in marked up office supplies.


8%-10% of service costs savings can be achieved with planning and market research.


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